Practical Mentoring Tip #1

The other day one of our engineers called me over to show me a bug she'd found. I was going to thank them for alerting me and head back to »

The First Ninety Days

The farther you travel up the chain, the less hand holding there will be. Similarly, you shoulder a larger responsibility to prove your value. This seems simple, but I learned »

Front-end engineer interview questions

var Player = function() { this.playCount = 0; = function() { // Do some actual work this.playCount++; } } var player = new Player(); // If we want to reset the play count, we could access »

Cloud platforms compared: Heroku, AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Google App Engine

A truly all-encompassing comparison of cloud platforms would number among the great works of the century. This is not that work. If, however, you have a Node app and you »

Why Scala should be your next language (after Javascript)

I would like to make a case for picking up Scala as your second language after Javascript. My own experience has been fantastic so far, but I will draw fairly »