Host multiple node apps on a single domain

upstream rootApp { server; keepalive 16; } upstream otherApp { server; keepalive 16; } server { listen 80; server_name; return 301 »

Coderbyte Solution: Pattern Chaser

Update: My solution is featured on the Coderbyte blog. Go check it out and pay the lovely folks over there a visit. A sequence of events: I write a solution »

Collaborative Git Workflow

Problem How does a team work collaboratively on a tightly integrated feature without producing a messy commit history? Solution First of all, see the caveats section below. Each team member »

Installing Postgres on OSX

Don't use Homebrew. I am generally a huge fan of package managers, and Homebrew is pretty much my jam. However, using it to install Postgres turned out to be a »

Frontend 101

Browser differences: Can I Use, ES6 Compatibility Tables Testing: Browserstack Shims/polyfills: HTML5 Shim, Modernizr CSS Resets: Accessibility: WAVE »